Monument / Architectural Signs

Monument / architectural signs are a great choice for your business, especially if you share property with other companies. It is vital that your firm stands out from the crowd. A well-designed monument sign will serve as a marketing material as well as a wayfinding tool. It is crucial that you realize that a monument base is simply the basis for your desired sign, so there are more options available than you can possibly imagine.

What signs work with monument bases?

  • Channel Letter Signs – These bright, bold signs look great when attached to a monument base. No matter which lighting option you choose, you can rest assured your message will come across loud and clear.
  • Cabinet Signs – A cabinet sign is a natural fit to utilize with a monument base. These signs are some of the most attractive and effective signs available.
  • 3d Letter Signs – 3d letter signs offer a modern look, ideal for many businesses. Paring these with a monument base increases the visibility and effectiveness of this exciting sign option.

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